NPR Tell Me More interview live online!

Lucky you! You got two extra posts out of me this week, as my appearance on NPR’s Tell Me More to talk about a story I wrote for Washington Post Magazine about the rise of student-entrepreneurship led me to both hype the interview on Tuesday and share the link today.

Me and student-entrepreneur James Li, who, at 20, is totally more articulate than I am.

(You may be thinking: Lucky? Those weren’t extra posts so much as little blasts of self-promotion. Which is pretty much true. But … whatever! I was on NPR!).

Tomorrow, I’ll be back to my regular Monday-Wednesday-Friday posts about running, lifting, swimming, skiing and yoga-ing. In the meantime, do check out the interview—I’d love to hear what you think!


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2 responses to “NPR Tell Me More interview live online!

  1. I was listening! You’re a superstar now, I’m not sure I’m famous enough to swim in your lane. 🙂

  2. Ed

    Lucky you! NPR interview that is super cool…congrats

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