NPR Tell Me More interview

Yesterday, I mentioned that I’m going to be on NPR’s Tell Me More talking about a story I wrote about the rise of student-entrepreneurship in a poor economy, which ran in Washington Post Magazine last weekend.

This morning, I had SO much fun at the pre-taping, I just had to post the picture I geekily insisted on posing for after the interview:

Me and student-entrepreneur James Li, who, at 20, is totally better-spoken than I am.

I learned a few things at the interview:

1.I would like to make Michel Martin’s studio, which has comfy purple couches and full bookshelves, my office.

2. I am not quite as important as Joe Frazier, whose death bumped the interview from its scheduled run-time today til sometime next week.

3. It’s totally possible to get upstaged by a 20-year-old on national radio (there’s a reason this kid’s business is so successful—he’s good!).

Stay tuned for the new air time so you can hear me run my mouth!


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3 responses to “NPR Tell Me More interview

  1. That is pretty cool! Congrats! I will be listening for sure!

  2. I listen to NPR all day at work, so I can’t wait to hear you sometime next week!

  3. megankillian

    OMG I can’t wait to hear when the airtime is!!! I will for sure listen in…

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