Goals and adventures: Fall and winter 2011-2012

I’ve been trying to improve my race-planning over the last several months, to avoid a feeling that’s become all too common (the feeling: “That 10K is *this* weekend?). To do so, I’ve been planning my races based on not just what my inner toddler wants to do, but on what my current training looks like (i.e., no marathons when I’m still rehabbing some leg injury) and what the rest of my life looks like. For the first time in a long time, when I looked at my most recent list of goals last weekend, I didn’t have to completely overhaul the list. Score!

The main change: I can already sense that the Philadelphia Half Marathon on Nov. 20 might not happen for me, as I’m hardly running at all right now. But the DC Hot Chocolate 15K/5K on Dec. 3? Maybe a good substitute. Is it gimmicky and overpriced? Sure. But you get a jacket! And the chocolate! (I’m such a sucker).

That leaves my current list of goals:

Daiquiri Deck Tropical Splash 5K swim, Sarasota Fla. 7:30 a.m. Oct 1. (No race website, but you can download information here.) Last year, I finished in 1:31:58.6, or 29:40-minute mile pace. Maybe I can train to do it faster this year?

The start of last year's Daiquiri Deck Tropical Splash 5K swim.

Marine Corps 10K in October.

Finish the ski-patrol training I had to postpone after an ACL tear. This includes continuing to strengthen my still-uneven quads and hamstrings, and continuing to work on agility now.

Yuengling Shamrock Half Marathon. Virginia Beach, Va. March 17, 2012.

Great Chesapeake Bay Bridge Swim. June 2012.

Prevent injury while training for all of the above: Do leg lifts and other hip- and core-strengtheners, plus rotator-cuff stuff and other shoulder-strengtheners.

What’s on your race calendar over the next few months?


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6 responses to “Goals and adventures: Fall and winter 2011-2012

  1. You should do Philly and the Hot chocolate race this year. I think their is a bunch us doing both races! It killed me to pay for the 15k, but who can pass up on that jacket.

  2. Ooh, the Hot Chocolate race does look tempting. 15k or 5k … and boo on the price. I’ll have to mull this over a bit longer.
    You’re gonna be the best ski patroller out there this year with your determination and desire!
    Um, also, you forgot to include “Go to an Intro week of Bikram yoga”

  3. Gillian

    Hi Amy,
    I stumbled across your blog the other day while feeling sorry for myself, sitting on the couch, Googling “broken wrist running” or something along those lines. I broke my wrist in a cycling accident on July 7th, based on your description, my injury is almost identical to yours! I wanted to let you know how much better it makes me feel to know there are other runners out there who know exactly what I’m going through (sitting on the couch losing my mind, counting the days until my cast comes off, (13)). What I really love, though, is that not only did you document your injury, but also your return to running and the “recovery goals” you set for yourself. Reading your experience chronologically makes me super optimistic! Pretty soon, I’ll be better too and doing speed work, hills and racing and all the things I love! So, thanks for keeping things in perspective for gimpy runners like me!! I was wondering how your wrist feels now? And how long did it take for you to be able to put weight on it, for Yoga poses, etc… Did you find swimming helped your recovery?

    Good luck with your upcoming races!!


    • Hi Gillian,
      My heart goes out to you—a bad wrist break (with its ensuing surgical repair) is a rough recovery—when your doctor says it’s a six-month recovery, she means it! But after six months, things get exponentially better very quickly. I had my surgery in February 2010. By June 2010, I was running fast (for me!) 5Ks, and by August 2010, I was backpacking, bodysurfing and otherwise playing outside without regard to my wrist health. It feels great now, and I only think about it when I’m doing something that would strain even a healthy wrist, such as push-ups on your palms (I favor fists or dumbbell assists now), or certain yoga poses. Swimming probably helped my recovery, but at the time, I was so cranky about not being able to swim well, I didn’t fully appreciate it. What I know for sure helped: truly committing myself to physical therapy as soon as I could, and continuing to work on grip strength (with tools like the GyroBall or a forearm trainer: https://amyreinink.com/2011/02/14/gear-review-black-diamond-forearm-trainer/) even now.
      Hope this helps some … please don’t hesitate to be in touch via the blog or email if I can provide more insight or motivation!

      • Gillian

        Hi Again Amy,

        Thanks for the for the well wishes and great advice! I intend to commit myself to physiotherapy with dog-like obedience, LOL! Also, I’m going to try the x-training swim workout you described in May 2010. As soon as I’m cleared by my surgeon and physiotherapist, that is. And of course once I get my cast off in 10 days (not that I’m counting…)

        Thanks again,

  4. I’m considering both the MCM 10k and the Hot Chocolate 15k though the Philly marathon is definitely my big race for the fall. This post now has me thinking about next spring though, I have nothing on the schedule yet!

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