Wordless Wednesday: The blueberry monster

What fuels speedy sets in the pool? Fresh blueberries from my beloved CSA and farm stand, of course.

I usually polish off a pint of these delicious blue flavor-bombs with a big bowl of steel-cut oats in the morning.

I also usually top that bowl of oatmeal with blueberry sauce, or blueberries heated with a tiny bit of maple syrup and cinnamon.

I eat them throughout the day, too, on top of salads and mixed into yogurt. Those dishes mysteriously disappeared before I could photograph them.

I know blueberries won’t be in season forever. Luckily, their replacements—fresh peaches and plums—are waiting in the wings …



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4 responses to “Wordless Wednesday: The blueberry monster

  1. Ann

    I love blueberries. The best part is you can get them year round. And the are awesome with peaches.

  2. mmm. reading blogs at dinner time makes me keep getting up and extending my dinner 🙂 first eggs, now i’m gonna go find some fruit…

  3. I love Blueberries. yum!

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