Motivation Monday: The Rockville Rotary Twilight 8K edition

I came, I jogged, I conquered!

My Rockville Rotary Twilight 8K results: 46:53, or 9:26-minute-mile pace; 358/1074 women; 76/193 women in my age group

You may be wondering why I’m motivated by such seemingly lackluster race results. While a super-fast race is inspirational and motivational for all the obvious reasons (i.e., if I can do that, what *else* can I do?), I’m actually pretty pumped that with minimal running-specific training, I was able to easily, comfortably complete a 5-mile race at a perfectly respectable pace. My legs were tired the last mile—I tried to accelerate in the last stretch of the race, but my quads respectfully declined to do so—but overall, it was just a good, fun workout followed by a cool block party with a live band and free beer, leaving me with a general feeling of: “Again! Let’s do it again!”

What’s motivating you this week?



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5 responses to “Motivation Monday: The Rockville Rotary Twilight 8K edition

  1. Heather C

    That race is so much fun! We did it a few years ago (’09 i think?) and had a blast 🙂 Congrats on the runner’s high & race completed!

  2. Sounds like you had a great time! Races with “no pressure” are a lot of fun and definitely needed every-once-in-a-while. I’m doing a 5k this coming weekend with beer involved post-race. Can’t wait! 🙂

  3. I love that feeling! More more more!

  4. Awesome, so glad you had fun! I decided to skip it after a rough Friday, but I was thinking of you! Go little ACL!

  5. Not too shabby! And good strategy running it just hard enough to feel like you were racing, but easy enough that you’re itching to get back out and REALLY see what you can do.

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