Do the thing you think you cannot do

On Tuesday, I passed my five-month anniversary since ACL-reconstruction surgery Jan. 28 after tearing my ACL in early January, which means I’m officially re-released into the wild, and can twist, turn and otherwise play to my heart’s content. On Friday, I fly to Colorado for a family reunion. On the Fourth of July, I may go skiing.

I may be skiing here, at Arapahoe Basin, on the Fourth of July. Seriously.

That’s right—skiing. Like, on snow. Arapahoe Basin, one of my favorite ski resorts in the world, is open until the Fourth, and if it works out with our family obligations (this is a rather large “if”), we’re planning to spend the morning skiing. Clearly, I’m terrified. I’ve spent months avoiding this exact kind of motion.  But I’ve worked hard in physical therapy to get over my hang-ups about using my poor, banged-up knee again, and I’m going to make like Eleanor Roosevelt and do the thing I think I cannot do.

I won’t be posting Friday, thanks to the aforementioned travel plans. Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

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  1. So happy you’ve been cleared!

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