(Mostly) wordless Wednesday: the titanium knee brace edition

A few weeks ago, I was fitted for a titanium knee brace to keep my knee in check while I resume activity after ACL reconstruction surgery Jan. 28. I’ve worn it while doing a host of crazy, new agility drills in physical therapy, and I’ll wear it when I can finally ski again.

If this knee brace would talk, it would probably tell you off. It’s that hard-core.


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7 responses to “(Mostly) wordless Wednesday: the titanium knee brace edition

  1. Jesse Kornblum

    Have you named it yet? Is it your alter-ego, Roman?

    • We’ve been calling it Big Purple—like, Eugene’s angry personal trainer—but I might like Roman even better. I’m commissioning Steve for the comic book to tell the whole story NOW.

  2. Sweet! It sure looks bad-ass. Hooray for agility drills!

  3. amy

    I was about to say me too in response to your response to Katie but then I remembered that I wasn’t really an adult when I got my brace in 1992. I did get just as excited though! There’s also still a sticker on it from HS soccer. And I wear them to ski (not because I really need them but because it makes my head feel better). Technology has come a long way because mind was most definitely not titanium, even though it looks a lot like the one you have.

    Yay for bad-ass knee braces!

  4. That is hardcore. Forrest Gump ran in something like that too, no? So obviously next up is running across America, no biggie 🙂

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