Mixing it up: Run-walking, self-defense and D.C. Fit Week

I’m all about the joy of exploration, whether it’s trying something new, rekindling a love for something old or simply pushing your boundaries and getting out of your comfort zone. Here’s how I’m planning to do all of the above this weekend:

I’m taking part in D.C. Fit Week by attending a Total Body Circuit class at Northwest Sport & Health Club in Tenleytown at 9 a.m. Tuesday. Click here to check out other free classes offered throughout the city next week.

I’m putting up my dukes. After two women were beaten and raped at the Bethesda store last weekend (full story here), I couldn’t decline an invitation to attend a a free Self Defense for Runners seminar at Lululemon Athletica Georgetown at 11 a.m. tomorrow. I’ll be sure to share any interesting tips I learn there.

I’m mixing up my running comeback. In the past, I’ve always started my running comebacks with several minutes straight of running on a treadmill, with a slow buildup in time and distance. That went OK on Wednesday (despite needing to ice my knee at least 30 minutes for each one minute I ran), but I think I’m going to try run-walking instead, per some advice I got while writing Tips to a successful running comeback for the January/February issue of Women’s Running. I’ll start by alternating five minutes of walking with one of running for 30 minutes. I’ll gradually increase the running until that’s all I’m doing.

I’m relishing the spoils of past explorations. Back in October, I wrote about how I busted out of my comfort zone with a kayaking-camping trip to Assateague Island, off Maryland’s Eastern Shore. My story about the trip, Rip & Go, Assateague Island’s Pine Tree Loop, is now live on Backpacker Magazine’s website—reading it makes me feel like I got to take the trip all over again!

How are you mixing it up this weekend?



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9 responses to “Mixing it up: Run-walking, self-defense and D.C. Fit Week

  1. liz

    I’m going out of town this weekend but I would really like to hear what you learn at that self-defense class. I’ve been really freaked out all week since that murder. Good luck on your comeback run/walk!

  2. Mixing it up is always a good thing. And I think the run/walk is the perfect answer to coming back from injury (or simply getting back in shape). Here’s hoping you need less ice. Looking forward to hearing about any moves and tips you glean from that self defense class.

  3. ClaraB

    Want a running buddy? That sounds like that plan I need to be on too; and while we walk we can discuss self-defense too.

  4. EDITOR’S NOTE: This is far too late to be helpful, but I wanted to note that the self-defense class mentioned above was LAST weekend. My apologies for not reading the fine print (and by “fine print,” I mean “date”)!

  5. wow. i hadn’t heard about that at all! scary. i think i’ve heard that it was a fellow co-worker no less. i always would like to take self-defense or a karate-type class but i have yet to get around to it. too bad we can’t just be safe instead of leery of others!

  6. amy

    I think run-walking is awesome and have seen clear difference in those who have come back methodically that way and those who haven’t. I’m always impressed with people who have the ability to see that and work back slowly.

  7. Way to get out of your comfort zone!! We’ll see you at Total Body Circuit tomorrow morning!

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