Motivation Monday: Swimmer’s Will

Have I mentioned that I’m back in the pool again? Like, not just to splash around post-surgery, but to seriously work out and train for the 4.4-mile Great Chesapeake Bay Bridge Swim? My first real swim “back” came last Wednesday, when a runner-friend and I hit the Takoma pool for a mid-day swim date. He was in the lane next to me, wearing maroon swim trunks. I decided I’d swim straight through—no sets, just a big chunk of yardage—until he got out.

The transition between him leaving the pool and another maroon-trunk-clad dude getting in was so seamless, I didn’t even notice the switch until, 3,200 yards later, I decided I was tired and would like to get out, please. Meanwhile, my buddy was waiting upstairs. In case you’re wondering: No, they looked nothing alike, aside from the trunks. Confusion is a great motivator.

Anyway, while he was waiting, my buddy noticed this lovely manifesto for the pool’s youth swim team, the DC Wave:

DC Wave Swimmer’s Will

I will always say “I will” or “I do.
I will think positive at all times.
I will respect myself, teammates, coaches, parents, and competitors.
I will do my best each day.
I will be on time.
I will start and end each swim at the wall.
I will start each set on time
I will streamline always.
I will flip all turns.
I will breathe from both sides.
I will push myself past what I believe is possible.
I will encourage my teammates.
I will follow directions.
I will have a strong kick.
I will have fun!

The double meanings here are incredible (have a strong kick, indeed!), and I’ve clearly decided this will be my new manifesto, too.

What’s motivating you this week?


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6 responses to “Motivation Monday: Swimmer’s Will

  1. amy

    Awesome job on the swim, especially for a first week back!

    And, I love stuff like this, especially when I see it tied to a youth team. This week I’m extra motivated by the fact that fatigue is a choice.

  2. wow, that’s awesome. can it be printed on the inside of my goggles please? nice swim, lady. when are our swim dates starting up again, eh?

  3. Emily

    This is awesome. I want to make copies and keep it in various places to remind me why I’m in the cold water before the sun rises!

  4. Robin Walker

    Loved the swimmer’s manifesto!! May I copy it and use it on my FB page?

    I was a swimmer for 6 six years growing up in the Hampton Rhoads area of VA. It was such a great sport that I swam year round with two different teams. I believe team sports are the best way to raise a child with drive(goals), spirit and the ability to improve one’s self to your highest potential. I used to sleep with my best time for 100 meter fly on the ceiling over my pillow. My coach wanted me to imprint it on my brain before closing my eyes and the first thing on my brain when I woke up in the morning. It worked like a charm!!! In the next few swim meets I swam topped that time over and over again. This was a defining point in my young life that I could make something that seemed impossible happen…..HAPPEN!

    • Thanks for the comment, Robin! I remember those swimming days well … and I truly believe those early days of goal-setting (and swimming from wall-to-wall, and always streamlining, etc) set the stage for me to dream up and achieve big goals in my adult life. And please feel free to copy it on Facebook—we can all use a reminder to “push (ourselves) past what (we) believe is possible!”

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