Back in the saddle (of the stationary bike)

I’ve been whining a lot lately, so I’d like to use this post to voice some gratitude.

Two weeks ago, on Jan. 28, I had surgery to repair an ACL tear. Just five days later, before the SteriStrips had even peeled off of my surgical wounds, my doctor cleared me for physical therapy, swimming, lifting, (stationary) cycling and a host of other activities. I’ve now been “back in the saddle” for a little more than two weeks, and I already feel more like myself again.

The quad on my injured leg has gone from only contracting when it’s hooked up to electrical stimulation to being able to support my body weight while I throw a medicine ball at a trampoline (I love physical therapy!). I’ve gone from barely being able to walk across my apartment to walking across the street (never mind that a little old man with a walker literally beat me to the other wise). And I’m back to being comfortable in the pool, where I’ve been spending most of my workout time, even though I’m not using walls to push off after my turns (try this if you’re looking for a crazy-good core workout). Watch out, 4.4-mile Great Chesapeake Bay Bridge Swim!

Here’s what my first week and a half back looked like:

Thursday, Feb. 3: Swim 3,000 meters

Friday, Feb. 4: Physical therapy

Saturday/Sunday: Off

Monday, Feb. 7: Physical therapy; swim 3,000 meters

Tuesday, Feb. 8: Lift 45 minutes; StairMaster/stationary bike 30 minutes

Wednesday, Feb. 9: Physical therapy, swim 3,000 meters

Thursday: Swim 3,000 meters

Friday: Physical therapy

Well, that just looks like a normal week of working out, doesn’t it? I’m still cranky that, rather than completing my ski-patrol training every Saturday, I spend the day getting pulled around in a sled by my classmates. But I’m also deeply grateful for what I *can* do, which makes the stuff I can’t do a little more palatable.


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5 responses to “Back in the saddle (of the stationary bike)

  1. You really inspire me with your good attitude. I know how tough it is on the psyche of an athlete to be sidelined with an energy. You are doing great, both in physical recovery and mentally – kudos, Amy!

  2. seriously, you make us all look bad with your awesome attitude! those early stages of rehab are so tough, and you are powering through. also, i remember the medicine ball/trampoline activity well…!

  3. Liz

    I was going to say the same thing as Kirsten and Katie – you are the least whiney injured athlete I have ever seen!

  4. WAY TO GO GIRL!! You are coming along extremely well! Keep your head up. It is awesome to see you progress so well! Continue to keep us posted – even if it includes some whining 😉

  5. Courtney

    i know a lot of adults who might pay to be pulled around in a sled all day. i think it’s awesome that you can still participate and be on the mountain.

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