Word on the slopes …

It’s sometimes hard to connect the dots between your January speed workout and your half-marathon in March (stay tuned for details about that, by the way), or to remember that you’re doing jumping lunges in your living room so you can nail the moguls on your weekend ski trips. I find that the right song, image or mantra can go a long way toward transporting you to a place of motivation.

In honor of my first day of ski-and-toboggan training as a Whitetail Ski Patrol candidate Saturday, I offer the image that for months has helped remind me why I’m dragging my butt to the gym:

My snowboarder-friend Lauren, one of my favorite people in the world to be on a mountain with, sent me a postcard with this Anne Taintor print almost a year ago. It helped me channel my inner skier through the steamy D.C. summer—and still cracks me up every time I see it.

Wish me luck on Saturday!


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3 responses to “Word on the slopes …

  1. Hi Amy, I love the image of Annie Taintor. hahah. Good luck on Saturday! All those runs and jumping lunges will pay off!!!

  2. Good Luck Amy! I’m sure you’ll be the best patroller out there. Congratulations on making it. Thanks for sharing your tricks for keeping your eye on the prize. It motivates me to be better about setting goals and making plans to get there.

  3. Oooh, have fun! I had a blast in the (not-great) conditions this week and can’t wait to get back out there!!!

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