Runner-friendly recipe: Roasted butternut squash with penne

A runner-friend of mine once referred to whole-wheat pasta as “the dinner version of oatmeal.” With the Daiquiri Deck Tropical Splash Open Water 5K Swim in Sarasota, Fla., on Saturday just around the corner, leaving me seeking healthy sources of carbs that are easy on the stomach, I’m inclined to agree. Dinner before Outdoor Emergency Care class last night was whole-wheat pasta with pesto and tomatoes; tonight, I’m eying the butternut squash I picked up along with other fall goodies with my CSA this week.

See the butternut squash on the right side of this week's CSA offerings? It's not long for this world.

This hot, hearty pasta dish is my absolute favorite use of winter squash. That says a lot—I put puréed pumpkin in my oatmeal with cinnamon and sweetener, stir puréed butternut squash into my soup, and serve slices of roasted kabocha squash alongside just about anything I’m having for dinner. I fueled Ragnar, D.C. in part with pumpkin-dark chocolate bread. If there’s a not place for winter squash in a recipe, I create one.

With that said, here’s the recipe for the yummiest orange thing to ever come out of my oven:

Roasted butternut squash with penne

Peel and dice one large butternut squash.

Toss diced squash in 1 TBSP olive oil; juice from 1/2 lemon; 2 TBSP minced garlic; and cinnamon, nutmeg, red pepper flakes to taste.

Bake for about 45 minutes at 375 degrees. I like it a little crispier, so I leave it in for about an hour.

Top a bowl of whole-wheat penne with the diced, roasted squash. Top with Parmesan cheese, plus a sprinkle of sea salt, pepper and sage. Devour.

What’s your favorite use of winter squash?


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6 responses to “Runner-friendly recipe: Roasted butternut squash with penne

  1. katekirk

    You might roast the squash at 400/425 to get it browner and up the flavor even more.

    I’ve been known to chiffonade radicchio with butternut squash pasta to add a bitter edge that complements the sweet squash. I’ve also been known to saute that radicchio in bacon fat from the bacon I crumble over the pasta 🙂

  2. Oh, YUM! I was craving butternut squash but thinking it was too soon. This post has convinced me that was some silliness.

  3. Acorn squash! But right now we have an abundance of spaghetti squash.

    PS. I get my hubby to do the squash peeling ; )

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