Motivation Monday: The ‘pulling the trigger’ edition

I’m a total commitment-phobe when it comes to races. I pick my target events early. I get all hot and heavy with training, motivated to run longer and faster by the mere thought of the event. I hang race brochures and course maps above my desk. But I usually do all of this without actually registering for the event in question, waiting until the last possible minute (often, the morning of the race) to sign up. In a few instances, Steve and I have waited so long to register, we end up starting the race *after* the starting gun, relying on our chip times and the quick work of race officials to record our splits.

I downloaded the Daiquiri Deck's logo in July for motivation. I signed up for the race Friday.

As with most commitment issues, mine stem from past heartbreak, when injuries foiled my plans to participate in half-marathons and open-water swims I signed up for months ahead of time. So it’s with no small amount of pride that I announce that I officially signed up for two races in one day on Friday, the Daiquiri Deck Tropical Splash Open Water 5K Swim in Sarasota, Fla., on Oct. 2 and the Marine Corps 10K, a companion race to the Marine Corps Marathon on Oct. 31.

Grinning ear-to-ear before the Marine Corps Marathon last year. I signed up early, because I knew I could defer.

There were a few different distance options for the swim, and my signing up for the longest distance is a bit of a leap of faith—as in, I have to squeeze in a long swim sometime this week to make sure I can cover the distance. As for the 10K, making another attempt at successfully nailing this strange middle-distance race will give me a reason to stop ditching my running workouts for time on the stationary bike, which lets me read my Outdoor Emergency Care (ski-patrol medical) book while I work out. This means a long swim today, and a speed workout on Wednesday.

My date this afternoon: Wilson Aquatic Center's pool.

First up, though, is Ragnar D.C., which I signed up for with my running buddies months ago. We leave on Friday (Friday!) for the 200-mile, overnight relay. Stay tuned for the race preview later this week.


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12 responses to “Motivation Monday: The ‘pulling the trigger’ edition

  1. katekirk

    yay, I signed up for MCM10k too…just thought it would be fun to experience *some* of the day even though I couldn’t do the big daddy. My goal is to break 60 minutes (eek, I’ve made it public…)

    • Awesome! A friend who’s done the 10K before noted an added bonus: You get to all the good post-race finish festival stuff before the marathoners are even to the halfway point!

  2. Liz

    have you ever done a swim only race? seems like it would be fun!

    • Open-water swims are SO much fun! I don’t cycle much, as it bugs my hip, so I’ve never done a triathlon, but I have done several OWS. My goal for next year: the FULL 4.4-mile Chesapeake Bay Bridge Swim!

  3. Can’t wait to read your report on Ragnar. I’m running the Miami to Key West this year (ran central Florida last year) and it was a great time!

    • Excellent! I’d appreciate any and all tips from a Ragnar veteran!

      • My main problem was lack of sleep. It was difficult to sleep at the major exchanges because people kept coming and going. There were lights in the tent, van doors slamming, people talking, laughing, etc. So, I highly recommend a sleep mask and some earplugs.

        Lots and lots of babywipes are a good idea too. They work great for an impromptu shower after your leg so you don’t feel quite as yucky in the van and of course you never know what the TP situation is going to be like in the Port-a-Potties.

        If you need a cure for insomnia, you can check out my lengthy report from last year’s relay:

  4. Amy,

    We too have fallen for the early registration blues. We had an awesome schedule of races for 2010 that were completely side tracked with a job change in early April. Three races were completely abandoned which hurts even more when you’re paying for two entries! We have definitely learned our lesson and only sign up early for those events that might sell out.

    Look forward to hearing about Ragnar D.C.!

    -The Running Couple

  5. Hi Amy,
    Good luck on the swim – you will be great!
    And good luck with the Bay Swim ballot too. I haven’t decided if I will ballot yet, but if I do and get in I will be sure to let you know!

  6. I am bad too! I want to take advantage of cheaper prices but I don’t want to commit and then not be able to run for whatever reason. As my one friend says – she’d rather pay and know she can race than register to save $10 and not race at all.

  7. I have no doubt you’ll be able to “cover the distance” – and respectably! It’s great to have races to look forward to this fall.

  8. i’m a late signer-upper as well – this post made me laugh. have a GREAT time this weekend!!

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