Training log: Week 5, Virginia Beach Half-Marathon

As Fozzie Bear and Kermit once said, I’m moving right along on my Virginia Beach Half-Marathon training. My longer runs are feeling better, I’ve got a good swimming routine established, and a tough lifting workout no longer leaves me sore for days after I’ve put down the dumbbells. I’m following my half-marathon training plan to a T, and it feels tough, but do-able.

Below is my last week of training. Next up: a hill workout today, a long swim tomorrow and a long run on Sunday.

Saturday: Swim 4,750 meters

Sunday: Hill workout – 6X Park Valley Road, a super-steep .2-mile hill (plus three miles of warm-up, cool-down)

Monday: Swim 3,000: 2,000 warmup, 1,000 timed (15 minutes even)

Tuesday: Run 4.62 miles in 39:56, 8:30-minute miles. Nailed killer hill in middle (thanks, hill repeats!).

Wednesday: Lift, hard, for 45 minutes.Drop weight to 55 pounds on the fake pull-up machine, meaning that, if I weighed 70 pounds, but had the same strength I did now, I could do three sets of 10 pull-ups, easy!

Thursday: Off

Friday: Run: 3X1 mile, or hill workout

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  1. yoinks! you’re killing it – nice work!!

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