Workout of the week: Dara Torres’ core routine

It’s hard to go wrong with a core workout that includes what Olympic swimmer Dara Torres describes as her “favorite moves.” But this workout, from Shape magazine’s August issue, was even more of a killer than I expected. Just *try* to do the slow-ball rollout and corkscrew back-to-back without grunting, wheezing or otherwise embarrassing yourself.

I especially love its focus on the BOSU, which I’ve found to be a great tool for those of us with cranky IT bands—or just about any kind of running injury.

The workout is excerpted from Torres’ new book, “Gold Medal Fitness,” in which she shares her strategies for goal-setting, diet and exercise, including 35 days of simple menu plans and her actual workout moves. Yes, it’s on my wish-list.

Check out my other favorite core workouts here and here.

Have you found any fantastic core moves lately? If so, share them by posting a comment!


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6 responses to “Workout of the week: Dara Torres’ core routine

  1. katekirk

    just printed this out and I am going to have to try it…ugghhhhh…all those oreos

  2. lizard151

    Wow, I was just stretching last night and thinking that I needed to look up Dara Torres’ workouts. I’m not kidding!

  3. cranky IT bands unite!!!

    this looks FANTASTIC – i’m going to try it. 🙂

  4. This is very timely. I just bought a (sporty) swimsuit and am – finally – gonna get to the pool! I will be mining your experience for more tips, tricks and good workouts (once I figure out what all that swim workout jargon means).

  5. Joe

    Just saying the word “core” makes me sweat.

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