Week 2: Training for Virginia Beach Half-Marathon

My Virginia Beach Half-Marathon training got an unexpected boost this week with an impromptu trip to Virginia Beach, where Steve had traveled for work, and where I decided to keep him company for a day.

The bonus here was two-fold: First, I accidentally hadn’t taken an off-day in two weeks (oops). Driving down there Wednesday and hitting the beach right away forced me to give both my brain and my body a break. Then, on Thursday, I got a chance to run on the Virginia Beach Boardwalk, where the half-marathon finishes. How’s that for motivation?

Here’s what week 2 in my half-marathon training plan looked like:

Monday: Swim 4,000 meters: 3,000 meters straight through (this was some weird, unexpected exercise in endurance); 5X200 IM

Tuesday: Four-mile tempo run: 35:20, 8:46-minute-mile pace. Sooo, this actually wasn’t tempo pace, but it was certainly tempo effort. It was sticky and hilly and the middle of the day, and I ran my little heart out. I’m calling it a tempo run.

Wednesday: Off … unless you count body-surfing in the Atlantic as a workout

Thursday: Lift for 45 minutes at shiny new hotel gym; run three hot, slow miles on Virginia Beach Boardwalk—average roughly 9-minute-mile pace

Friday: Off? I think?

Saturday: Rockville Rotary Twilight 8K at 8:45 p.m. (wish me luck!)

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  1. I think 5×200 IM impresses me more than 3000M endurance. when I try to do butterfly, people start throwing my lifesavers.

    lots of luck tomorrow night!!!

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