Motivation Monday: the ‘someone else’s story’ edition

In a recent “Eat, drink & be healthy” column in The Washington Post, Jennifer Larue Huget wrote about the pros and cons of the Web-based weight-loss site SparkPeople. One of the pros she touched on—the motivation one can derive from reading stories about regular people working toward similar goals—really hit home for me. It’s summed up perfectly in the column by SparkPeople member Lori Gutierrez, 46, of Bakersfield, Calif.: “You can always find yourself in someone else’s story,” she says. “Someone to inspire you to do it for one more day.”

That’s just how I felt a few days ago, while reading Purple Shoes, one of the running blogs I regularly peruse. The post, about a recent half-marathon, included photos of pre-race shopping at Lululemon, post-race pictures with finisher’s tees and medals, and a general sense of joy and fellowship I recognize from my own distance-racing experiences. Reading about someone else experiencing the same thing made me feel so motivated!

You don’t have to read running blogs to feel this way. I get the same motivation when I hear about a friend with a busy schedule waking up before dawn to squeeze in a long run, or when I hear about a lifelong runner trying out a swim workout for the first time. Or, just as motivational, when a runner-friend tells me how hard a recent speed workout was to muscle through (we always think it’s easier for other people!). I find these more motivational than reading about the pros accomplishing amazing things. I love Kara Goucher as much as the next American runner, but seriously, if you have that kind of natural talent, time and coaching resources, why *wouldn’t* you accomplish amazing things?

This week, I’m finding motivation in the triumphs and struggles of other runners, swimmers, hikers, bikers and weekend warriors. If they can do it one more day, so can I.

What’s motivating you this week?


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3 responses to “Motivation Monday: the ‘someone else’s story’ edition

  1. Amy, I get motivated because I love what I do!!!

  2. Liz

    I am certainly motivated by other people’s stories to try new races and activities. Especially reading how they felt accomplishing their goals. I think reading other bloggers do triathlons gave me the motivation to try one myself.

  3. I love reading or listening to what others have done-it always motivates me!!! makes me want to do better!! I love how that works!

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