Motivation Monday: the ‘ready for anything’ edition (anything=running on the beach, dancing all night)

It’s hard to remember when it’s early, when we’re tired, when it’s sticky and hot, when it’s not convenient, and when we have to hit the treadmill amid rainy, icky weather, why we work out. I’m struggling with a bit of that today, on my first day back from a whirlwind trip to San Diego last weekend. Yesterday, I’d planned to lift *and* swim today, but I’m already downgrading my workout to fit into a hectic first day back.

But here’s why I’m motivated to not bag the workout entirely: When I have the opportunity to swim in the Gulf of Mexico, ski in fresh powder or run alongside the Pacific Ocean, as I did last weekend (in the latter case), I don’t want to hesitate. I’m motivated by the knowledge that I’m training for life, which can include running on the semi-hard-pack sand in San Diego:

I ran on the beach in San Diego...

...where I enjoyed this view of Point Loma.

Running on oceanside paths in Carlsbad that offer vistas that soothe my soul:

I ran alongside the water in Carlsbad, where the trail offered views like this.

Enjoying fresh fish tacos guilt-free:

Fish tacos and homemade tortilla chips at Cessy's in Carslbad. Yummmm...

And dancing the night away at a best friend’s wedding (don’t doubt for a minute that this is a workout!):

Dancing the night away.

What’s motivating you this week?


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5 responses to “Motivation Monday: the ‘ready for anything’ edition (anything=running on the beach, dancing all night)

  1. ooh, I am jealous of your sunny beachy running pictures! it looks gorgeous!

  2. megankillian

    YAY! I love your new blog header photo too!

  3. Way to take advantage of the new running terrain! Gorgeous locale. I loved your point about how all our training prepares us for anything that requiring physical stamina and strength: Life!
    Motivating me this week – starting Marine Corps Marathon training!

  4. Looks like a great time….staying thin is my motivation right now…..

  5. mmm the beach. i love running at the beach – humidity, heat, sand and all. the wedding looks like a blast!

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