Summer race lineup: from small-town 5Ks to a Ragnar relay

I love races. I try to limit myself to roughly one a month to avoid spending every penny of my discretionary income on registrations, but it’s just so much fun to join a community of like-minded people on what amounts to a catered group run. I love pinning my number onto my shirt. I love getting brunch or dinner with friends post-race. I love the T-shirts that remind me of the fun I had on race day every time I wear them. So it’s with a spirit of restraint (I want to do even more!) that I offer my tentative (dependent on my not being injured!) summer race lineup:

The definites: Not only have I signed up for the all-women ZOOMA Annapolis 10k on June 6, I’ve convinced half my running group to come with me! I’m as excited about the promised wine tastings, chocolate, spa treatments and other girlie treats at the post-race festival as I am about the race itself.

I hope to get another cute technical tee, like the one I got at ZOOMA last year.

The next weekend, on June 12, I’m doing the Clifton Caboose 5K, as suggested by race director Gary Anderson, who suffered a wrist injury (and recovery) quite similar to mine. This race, in the adorable-looking and historic Clifton, Va., includes a post-race awards ceremony at “the big red barn” on Main Street.

There's an actual caboose at the Clifton Caboose 5K.

The tentatives: I’m scoping out fall distance races, and plan to do some combination of the three of these: The Annapolis 10-Miler on Aug. 29 (registration starts June 1), a hot and hilly race that’s raved about by everyone who runs it. Plus, you get a cool waterproof running jacket in your goody bag. The Rock ‘n’ Roll Virginia Beach Half Marathon on Sept. 5 is a nice excuse to go to the beach for Labor Day weekend. Plus, some of my running buddies are doing this one, too. Also a contender: the Philadelphia ING Rock β€˜n’ Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon on Sept. 19.

The big, fun one: Ragnar Relay Washington, D.C., on Sept. 24-25! I’ll attempt this crazy, 194-mile relay race from Cumberland, Md., back to D.C. with eleven of my closest running buddies with Pacers Silver Spring. Here’s how it’ll go down, according to Ragnar’s Web site:

“During the relay, each team member runs three legs, each leg ranging between three to eight miles and varying in difficulty. Each team is responsible for providing two support vehicles, with six runners in each vehicle. The first vehicle will drop off the first runner, drive ahead a few miles, cheer the runner on, and provide them with water, snacks, and plenty of love. That vehicle will then drive ahead to the first exchange point to drop off the second runner, and pick up the first runner when that leg is complete. They will repeat this pattern for six legs until they hand off to their second vehicle. This leapfrogging pattern will continue all the way to the finish line.”

We'll have two vans, neither of which will look as classy and official as this one.

Sounds like a combination between a distance race, a backpacking weekend (the no-showers, I-can’t-smell-myself-so-I-must-not-smell part) and a road trip. Needless to say, I’m thrilled.

Which race are you most looking forward to this summer?


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3 responses to “Summer race lineup: from small-town 5Ks to a Ragnar relay

  1. megankillian

    I love ragnar relays! They are so much fun and you will have a great time πŸ™‚

  2. Heather C

    Wow, that’s quite the lineup! I’ll be at Zooma, too!! We have to Actually meet this time πŸ™‚

  3. Amy,
    before you sign up for anymore races you have to consider running a Fat Ass.
    PROS: Free! Low Key! Great scenic trails and post run food and drink!
    CONS: No race numbers, but I could bring you one πŸ˜‰

    Also not to be missed (signup opens early June) the VHTRC Womens’ Trail Half Marathon, Sept 11.

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