Last ski day of 2010

So I broke my arm while trying out snowboarding on Friday afternoon. More details on that later. For now, I’m hunting and pecking, and wanted to share photos from what may have been the best ski day ever at Whitetail on Wednesday. It stinks that my season ended sooner than I wanted, but it’s pretty cool that I got to end on a day like this.

Really, how can you follow up on a day like this?


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10 responses to “Last ski day of 2010

  1. Courtney

    is a broken arm better than a broken leg? i am thinking yes…. but wondering if i have no idea since i’ve never broken either. so sorry to hear about it, but glad you got some FABULOUS skiing in.

  2. lizard151

    I’m so sorry! Heal up soon–at least you can kind of run with a broken arm. Much sooner than you could on a broken leg, at least, right?

  3. purpleshoe runs

    Amy! Noooo you broke your arm?! You poor thing! I’m with Courtney–it’s probably better than a broken leg : ) I hope it heals super fast!

  4. Kimberly

    I am so sorry to hear about your arm!! How soon can you run with a broken arm?

  5. Ugh, that’s awful. I hope they set it well and that you’ll be pain-free really soon. So now, no skiing, no swimming, no running… what does that leave you? Jumping jacks?

  6. Amber H.

    Oh no!! Amy we’re so sorry to hear about your arm! We are glad that you got in some good skiing though, and we’re wishing you a very speedy recovery.
    Love, the Hudocks

  7. oh. my. god. girl you are a mess! if it’s not your knee/ankle/leg putting you in pt it will be something else 😉

    heal quickly!! hope you are doing well

  8. kym klass

    oh, no! Sorry to hear this!!

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  10. trialsoftraining

    Ah! Amy!!

    I’m so sorry about your arm 😦 but wow, seriously, bada$$ ski pics!! look at you manuever that FRESH Powder….perfect 🙂

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