Ignorance was bliss: How the Garmin is revolutionizing my running

So I'm slow on hills and slower than anticipated overall. Thanks a lot, Garmin!

Though I think the ultimate value of the Garmin will be tracking exact distances on longer runs, I’m also fascinated by tracking my running habits. During my first run with my new training partner, I learned I’m actually quite slow on uphills, though I make up lots of time on downhills and straightaways.

Last night, I discovered that I run my warmup — about three quarters of a mile from my front door to Pacers Silver Spring, where my running group meets — at about 7-minute mile pace. So, you know, a nice, healthy sprint to start the night off right. Yikes.

Once again, I found that my pace dies on the hills. I found that I finished strong, as evidenced by a quick glance at my watch toward the end of the run (7-minute mile pace on a half-mile downhill: Wheee!). And I found that my average pace was less impressive than I’d imagined. Minus the warmup/sprint, I ran 4.56 miles in 38:19, or 8:24-minute miles. Not that 8:24-minute-mile pace is so bad; I just would’ve guessed faster. It’s good to know the truth, I guess …

In other news: A quick message on Twitter yesterday led to some revelations about shortcuts for steel-cut oatmeal. Kirstin turned me onto a great recipe at The Bitten Word in which you boil the oats and the water the night before, let the mixture sit overnight, then cook for just a few minutes in the morning. I’m enjoying the totally delicious results as we speak. I also heard from lots of people who pre-cook large batches of oats to be microwaved in the morning — ideal for my early-morning shifts at Whitetail, which require me to get up and eat a filling, quick breakfast that’s also highly portable, as I’m heating it up in the dark, in a bunk room shared by a dozen other skiers.

Next up: My second physical therapy session with Beefcake Brad. I’ll post my full workout with him tomorrow. For now, know that it involves kettlebells and dead lifts, and that I’m planning to be very sore when I’m done.


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4 responses to “Ignorance was bliss: How the Garmin is revolutionizing my running

  1. trialsoftraining

    I’ve definitely had a few *moments* with the Garmin – both good and bad – where I think “Really?! That’s how fast/slow I’m running??” It can definitely mess with your head and legs a little bit, but you’ll get used to it and just go with whatever you feel for the day…

    Good luck with BB!

  2. The Garmin can be less than totally accurate so don’t take it as gospel on your pace. It sure is fun and motivating to have it as a cool toy/tool.

    I love how easily steel-cut oatmeal is to reheat. Thanks for the mention. I always look forward to reading your posts!

  3. Alexis

    I’ve never tried steel cut oats, but I’d like to…I just tried a new hot cereal from Hodgson Mills with flaxseed, which is super easy to make & yummy!

  4. Sarah

    im obsessed with my garmin. pretty much only to know how far ive gone. but still….

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