Motivation Thursday: The catch-up edition

Motivation Thursday lacks the catchy alliteration of Motivation Monday. But since I missed a few weeks on vacation, I thought I’d play catch-up by giving you a dose of mid-week motivation. Here’s what’s motivating me this week:

  • Getting out in the cold. For real! I almost didn’t head out for my group run on Tuesday night, in part because of the cold snap that’s hitting Washington, D.C., this week. But it wasn’t so bad once I bundled up and headed out. Plus, I’ve had fun telling people that it’s not blush reddening my cheeks; it’s a badge of honor proving I’m hard-core for getting out there in all kinds of weather. For tips on braving the cold comfortably, check out this great guest post from my friend Amy, who lives in Minnesota.
  • Easing up a bit. Last October, after a painful and disappointing Marine Corps Marathon, I was chomping at the bit to tackle another 26.2. I set my sights on the National Marathon in March, and mapped out my route to redemption. My attitude about completing another marathon this year can be summed up this way: Meh. I could take it or leave it. The good thing about this: I’m taking cues from my body about what it’s up for, rather than expecting my body to get with whatever program I’ve decided is best for me. I may do a fall marathon. I may not. I’m finding that this attitude is far better than setting myself up for disappointment. Somehow, this feels motivational.
  • A few interesting possibilities for my 2010 race schedule. Marathon notwithstanding, I’ve got a whole bunch of interesting possibilities race-wise. I’m definitely planning on the Blue Ridge Parkway Half-Marathon in April and the 1-mile Chesapeake Bay Swim in June (I sort of accidentally-on-purpose missed the deadline to register for a spot in the 4.4-mile swim. $250 was just too much to spring on one race for me). Other possible additions include the Five Points of Life Half-Marathon in Gainesville, Fla., on Feb. 14, and the Pensacola Aquathon on May 23.

View from the Blue Ridge Parkway Half-Marathon course.

  • Ben Beach, a Boston Marathon “streaker” who’s keeping up his track record of running the race every year despite overwhelming physical challenges. Beach, 60, of Bethesda, is aiming to finish his 43nd consecutive Boston Marathon this year β€” only one other runner holds a longer “streak.” Beach suffers from dystonia, a neurological movement disorder that has warped his gait, making training difficult and racing harder. Read about his journey to Boston here.
  • The promise of a Garmin Forerunner! That’s right β€” in addition to a dweeby reflective running vest, I also got a gift card for Christmas meant to help me purchase a Garmin! I’m still deciding what kind I’ll get, and would welcome feedback. The 405 isn’t really in my price range, but I’m still hesitant to buy a 305 without hearing more positive reviews of it. I’m also curious about the 205, which is cheaper yet. Thoughts?

What’s motivating you this week?


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7 responses to “Motivation Thursday: The catch-up edition

  1. Mark Zimmerman

    Amy, I love the 305! Great training tool and easy to work with! Great post,btw.

  2. Brittany

    I have the 305 and I really love it!

  3. purpleshoes

    So glad you’re back Amy! I have the 305 and love it. I got mine from Best Buy, and then it went on sale 2 weeks later, and I got the difference back. (they guarantee their prices for 30 days, I believe, so maybe check there–mine was $130.) It has some fun features like a virtual training partner you can “race” (though I’ve never used this) and it comes with a heart rate monitor too. Happy shopping!

  4. I take the 305 with me on every run. My only complaint is that it is too big for my wrist – so have to carry it. But in the winter I can wear it over my shirt.

  5. Love my 305! I bought it almost two years ago for marathon training and have used it for almost every run since then. I’m pretty sure the 205 is the same as the 305, but doesn’t have the heart rate monitor. Shop around, you can find some amazing deals on it.

  6. trialsoftraining

    Nice! Get that running toy {garmin}!!! πŸ™‚ It’s definitely a *huge* motivator – I speak from experience….

    I have a few friends doing the Blue Ridge Half / Tri (?) and Full….I’m considering it as well! Kind of a treck though…I’m so spoiled by local races these days!

  7. I’ve had the 305 for a little over a year, and wouldn’t be caught without it. Got it at Costco when they had a deal on it–I want to say it was under $200. I had the same complaint as Kara (it was too big for my wrist), but I pretty much solved that problem by purchasing the quick release strap (Velcro instead of the rubber strap that comes with it). Problem solved, easy peasy. Still looks big and clunky on my wrist but at least it’s not spinning around πŸ™‚

    Get a 305, you won’t regret it and you’ll soon wonder how you ever trained without it.

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