A carrot, a stick, a lovely swim and a sweet reward

I woke up yesterday morning dreading my scheduled swim.  This tea provided one sweet bribe to swim on a cold winter day.

So I revisited an idea I’ve been experimenting with recently: outright bribing myself.  At the grocery store the other day, I’d spotted a box of Celestial Seasonings Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride Herbal Tea, but held back from making what I saw as a frivolous purchase. But I’d acquired a Celestial Seasonings coupon since then, not to mention a task it could serve as a worthy reward for.

Here’s the workout that earned me the sweetest cup of tea ever:

All freestyle is done with a pull buoy.

1,000 warmup: alt. 250 free, 250 back

Pyramid set, freestyle, on :15 rest, moderate pace that you can maintain (goal is to hold your pace the whole time): > 1×50 > 1×100 > 1×150 > 1×200 > 1×250 > 1×300 > 1×250 > 1×200 > 1×150 > 1×100 > 1×50 (1,800 total)

4×25 sprint freestyle on :45

4×25 no-breath freestyle

My body felt so good and loose and happy afterwards, I didn’t even need the tea (though you’d better believe I drank it, anyway)!


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8 responses to “A carrot, a stick, a lovely swim and a sweet reward

  1. YAY! Good for you for sticking to it and enjoying your tea. I live in Boulder, home of Celestial Seasonings, and I’ve never visited their store. Maybe I will this holiday season?? Hmmm…

    • You MUST do the Celestial Seasonings tour! I went to CU, and never made it there until last December, when we were visiting my husband’s parents out in Denver. It’s a blast, from the free sips in the tasting room to the neato conveyor belts that sift and process the tea (very Willy Wonka)!

  2. trialsoftraining

    Ah, Celestial Seasonings….their Peppermint tea was the *first* kind of tea I liked, back in the college days. That’s when I realized a warm beverage is TRULY needed during “real” winters (hello, grew up in the desert!). Not a bad carrot stick! Way to go with that workout 😉

  3. at least the tea is a good (healthy) reward! some of us would indulge in a bag of m&m’s, and i’m not talking the pack on the stand in the checkout line… 🙂 hope your ankle is feeling better after a day off. keep pampering it.

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