First post-marathon workout: a Halloween fun run

Halloween is my favorite holiday. It’s in October, clearly the best month of the year. It involves candy and mischief. It involves none of the passive aggression present during other holidays regarding what one is expected to do to celebrate — on Halloween, if you do not provide candy, someone will plaster your house with toilet paper. And the costumes! The costumes alone make the holiday for me, and I like to treat the whole week like a big, crazy theme party. We’re throwing a costume party of our own tonight, but imagine my delight when I learned my Pacers Silver Spring Fun Run on Thursday would be costumed.

I wore a little black slip on which I wrote words like “ego,” “id,” “Oedipus complex,” and “Freud.” It was a slip … that said “Freud” … so it’s a … Freudian slip! Steve shakes his head at the geekiness, telling me it’s like Ross’ Spud-nik on Friends. But guess what? Runners are smart people, and everyone in the group got the joke right away.

I didn’t win the costume contest. My friend Liz, who came dressed as a 1970s-era aerobics instructor, deservedly took the prize. But I had a blast jogging with her (do you see our costumes? A run at our usual pace would not have ended well) about four miles through downtown Silver Spring. Several people did double takes.

Have you ever run in costume? How did that work out for you? Any super-cool running-costume ideas for next year? I’m already planning …


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3 responses to “First post-marathon workout: a Halloween fun run

  1. trialsoftraining

    ha! that fitness-instructor costume is great! (and VERY pink, whoa)

    I’ve never run in costume – although we’re contemplating it for the Jingle-all-the-way 10K….just gotta make sure it’s WARM!

    p.s. weren’t you coooold?!

  2. So upset I wasn’t able to attend the fun run last nite 😦 Everyone looks great in their costumes!

  3. sounds so fun! i love seeing various costumes at races, but have never worn one myself.

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