Another tweak to the training schedule

First, a quick reminder that today is the last day to win a pair of trail-running shoes by sharing your best trail-running story at the bottom of this post. The contest closes at 6 p.m. EST today, and I’ll announce the winner on Friday.

Earlier this week, I applauded myself for being flexible with my training schedule by being willing to shuffle my 20-miler around what seemed like a really crazy, inflexible social schedule, which includes a backpacking trip to West Virginia the intended week of the 20. I solved the Jenga puzzle that was my training calendar by moving the 20-miler to this Saturday morning.

A change in circumstances puts me in Florida this weekend instead. Since I have a firm “I would do anything for running, but I won’t do that” stance on doing my longest run in my training plan in what’s still summertime in the Sunshine State, I’m readjusting again.

My fix: Do whatever I can this weekend, making it a stepback week. Skip the little 10K I hadn’t even signed up for, anyway, and run my 20-miler next weekend, with an 18 the weekend after before I start my taper.

What seemed to hard about that before?

The ultimate simplicity of that rearrangement was a nice reminder that really, going running is a simple venture. Yes, there are energy gels and fluids and routes to be considered as the runs get longer, but when it comes down to it, I can accomplish my training schedule by simply pointing my body out the door and going.

That said, I’m prepped for when I get home. I’ve purchased my gels and sports drink, planned (at least in a general sense) my route, picked my outfit and even stashed a few servings of roasted vegetable lasagna in the freezer for easy carbo-loading once I get home. Piece of cake.

My apologies if my posts are a bit sporadic until next Tuesday. I’ll make sure to let you know about the trail-runners tomorrow!


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3 responses to “Another tweak to the training schedule

  1. I like the way you keep things in balance; and the simplicity of running! I love that…just point yourself out the door! Have a great trip to the Sunshine State!

  2. Makes sense, but I’m bummed you won’t be running the 10K. My circumstances have changed, so I will be running it after all and was hoping we could meet up.

    Oh well, sometime. ;o) Good luck with your long run!

  3. I also applaud you for being flexible with your schedule .. I wish I was able to rearrange my training schedule so easily and just point myself out the door .. its always a major project for me if something unexpected comes up that disrupts the schedule ..

    I like your idea of just pointing yourself out the door though, I never thought of it like that, i’ll have to try it.

    Good luck with your 20 miler..

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