Another dose of awesome in Shenandoah National Park

Our latest backpacking trip to Shenandoah National Park left me with the following: aching calves and quads, six bug bites, several scratches and one eye infection (hint: if a bug flies in your eye and you blink on it, resist the urge to swipe at your eye with your grimy, unwashed backpacking hand!).

Good thing I also left with four bear sightings, several deer sightings, and memories of a moonrise, a sunrise and sunset at the highest point in the park and a jump from a 12-foot cliff into a natural swimming hole.

I’m still sore after carrying what I’m estimating was a roughly 50-pound pack (more like 30 by the last day, thanks to me being the designated food-carrier), and I didn’t get in a single run over the weekend. But I have faith that hiking between four and six miles a day with a big ol’ pack up steep, rocky grades did as much to prep my lungs, legs and joints for the stress of a marathon than actual running could have.

If not … well, there’s always my tempo run tonight and my 17-miler on Thursday!


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3 responses to “Another dose of awesome in Shenandoah National Park

  1. trialsoftraining

    Gorgeous pics!! I think “hiking” counts as more-than-enough Cross training 😉 5o pounds?! geeeze

  2. I agree. Hiking is excellent cross-training. The aching quads and calves attest to that. Watch those injuries, though! Lack of sight can slow you down…although those blond guys who run Boston every year are faster than me.

  3. Hiking is definitely a workout! Look at your saucy leg muscles too 🙂 hope the running has been good so far this week!

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