It’s that time again … already

Pre-run homemade-pizza dinner? Check. Leftover roasted-veggie lasagna for lunch? Check. New Champion shorts, National Half-Marathon shirt, blister-prevention socks, energy gels, laid out? Check. And my long-run route, a 15-miler this week, is carefully mapped in preparation for tomorrow’s journey.

Wait. Weren’t we just here?

Yes, it’s long-run time again. I’d initially planned to run with Pacers Silver Spring tonight and tackle my long run Thursday morning again to accommodate the weekend’s camping trip. The business that is my life has moved my long run up yet another day, and I took today off to prep my legs for tomorrow.

Despite the change in schedule, I’m a little better prepared this week than I was last week. For one thing, there’s the day off today β€” something I think is becoming necessary to avoid using up a precious drop of glycogen. Then, there’s the route itself: start at my car. Run five miles out to a water fountain/bathroom. Run five miles back to the car to obtain water (big, glorious Nalgene bottles full of it!), energy gel. Run 2.5 out, 2.5 back to the car. Pick up ice on the way home. The last part is the best β€” I typically just stop by the Giant across the street, then carry two 16-pound bags of ice home, about a five-minute walk. Is it bad that the lack of a five-minute walk juggling 32 pounds of ice makes my long run seem easy?

No matter. I’m heading out early tomorrow on what I’m sure will be one of the nicest running days of the year. Wish me luck!


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2 responses to “It’s that time again … already

  1. Hope the long run goes well!

  2. trialsoftraining

    the weather thsi week has been amazing!! ah, love it DC. LOVE IT. πŸ™‚ You’ll definitely have some great temps tomorrow a.m.. What route are you doing??

    also – we might need a recipe for that home-made pizza πŸ˜‰ YUM

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