Race goals, inspiration, motivation, et al

I’m taking an off-day today in preparation for the Crystal City 5K tomorrow

If nothing else, I'll get a sweet technical T-shirt out of the Crystal City Twilighter 5K!

If nothing else, I'll get a sweet technical T-shirt out of the Crystal City Twilighter 5K!

night. I’m excited for the party, and am going easy on myself goal-wise, in light of my hip’s recent crankiness and the 86-degree temps forecasted for race night.

My A-goal (the wowza, that would be crazy, but not impossible if everything went my way goal): Break 23 minutes. B-goal (the realistic, but still exciting and tough one): 23 and change. C-goal (the still-acceptable one): 24 and change. D-goal (special for this race): Finish. Obtain sweet technical T-shirt from race packet. Obtain post-race drinks and Noodles. Enjoy the party.

In the past few days, I’ve done the following things worthy of patting myself on the back, or of sharing with you here:

  • Convinced myself, with a complicated reward system involving a big, fat Greek pita, to do my entire lineup of core/hip/physical therapy exercises.
  • Wrote a guest post about Washington’s best hill routes for Rebecca Scritchfield’s wonderful and informative sports nutrition blog (thanks, Rebecca!).
  • Swam a 3,000 on Wednesday. What’s special about that? I did it, like, straight. No sets. Just a 3,000. It was a complete accident, as I hopped in the pool intending to crank out a few 800s with a few 200s to follow. But I just. Didn’t. Wanna. Do. 800s. So I kept swimming til I’d done a 1,000 warmup. Then a 1,650. Then … I sort of just kept going. My thought pattern: I was just barely eking out an uninspired swim, and what does that do, training-wise? I figured I’d make the best of a slow day by doing something that’s tough for me mentally: Swimming straight through, with no sets to break up the boredom.
  • A very hilly 5-miler on our Grubb Road Out-and-Back in 41 minutes and change on Thursday night! I felt crappy, barely managing to keep up with the group that followed me out the door with the 8:30-or9-mm pace group, but reminded myself that this isn’t always an indication of a crappy run. It poured on us for a large majority of the run, and I decided to think this was hilarious rather than disastrous. And it felt GOOD!
  • Found a neat set of commandments on Healthy Ashley’s Blog that inspired me to make my own set of commandments. OK, actually, it inspired me to copy hers, with some slight tweaks to make them apply to me. Don’t judge.They’re listed below:

– Value my body. I will not overtrain it by running more than 3-4 days a week. I will remind that following the FIRST plan makes me faster, not slower, and that if I’m injured, I don’t run at all.

– Don’t waste calories. Eat wholesome foods that make me feel great.

– Make a game plan before tough situations: Quad-eating hills, boring race courses, exhausting afternoons that make me want to skip the pool.

– Choose health. This one’s like the rule my friend Mike got from his high-school football coach, “Do the right thing.” It applies to almost everything, and gets your head in the right place for almost everything.


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8 responses to “Race goals, inspiration, motivation, et al

  1. Great post! I like your commandments! Be awesome tomorrow!

  2. Wise commandments. I really like the ” always have game plan.”
    Enjoy your evening race – have fun and run fast ; )

  3. You’ll do awesome tomorrow, I’m sure!

  4. Good stuff! Good luck, I’m pullin’ for the A goal!

  5. Good luck tomorrow! We weren’t supposed to be in town, but now that we are, I wish I’d made plans to run it.

  6. good luck tonight!!

    awesome job on that swim. i’ve had runs go like that, and it still feels pretty good when you finish! i can’t imaging swimming 3000.

  7. trialsoftraining

    The race shirts are awesome!! I love when we get cool race ‘rewards’ for signing up 😉 and am also setting more “realistic goals” for this one. haha, hopefully I see you afterward, good luck!!!

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