New playlist alert!

This one’s a quickie, perfect for a 5K or speed workout (plus a nice warmup ipodsong from Feist). It’s inspired by my new running companion, Eminem. Who knew misogynistic gangsta rap could be so motivational? If you’ve tried any other songs from his new album, or if you’ve found any new running songs for me to add to the mix, let me know by posting a comment. Browse my past playlists by clicking here.

I Feel It All – Feist

Live Your Life – T.I. feat. Rhianna

Lost One – Jay Z (my friend Jen got through the hills in the ZOOMA 10K by repeating the part that goes: “Sorry, I’m a champion …”)

Nothin’ But a G Thing – Snoop

Crack a Bottle – Eminem

Shake That – Eminem

Stronger – Kanye West

Other things motivating me this week:

This cool story from O magazine about why we overeat — and why breaking the habit is all about declaring a truce on ourselves.

The list of motivational tips I compiled for I may have reached the end of the Internet while searching for great links, so it’s a pretty good one, if I don’t say so myself.


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8 responses to “New playlist alert!

  1. I heard Eminen started running two-a-days to get back into form for his comeback. Apparently he had gotten pretty far from his previous form, both physically and mentally, and used running to pull himself out. Maybe that’s why his new songs are so good for running.

  2. I really wish I could run to hip-hop/rap, but so much of the styles I like don’t work for me rhythmically when I run. “Lose Yourself” and some of those songs are fast enough, but a lot of the hip-hop I like is more mid- to lower-tempo. Just drags me down.

    It’s unfortunate, because I’d love to produce music like that for my company ( — we make music specifically for running). Working with bass, beats and groove is so much fun. But I have been gravitating more towards rock, funkier stuff and even metal in our stuff.

    Do you find that you run to the tempo? Or do you just have it on as background/motivational sound?

    Here’s another online resource from the NY Times about running music to check out: (I’m pleased to say we got a mention in it!)

    • Good question. I do tend to run to the tempo. But for some songs, I run double-time, which makes even something like “Three Little Birds” by Bob Marley a perfect running song. You’re right, though — some of the best, thuggiest rap songs aren’t so runnable. (Sigh).

      • Nike made a workout playlist that was all reggae, and some of the reviewers said “reggae?!? I can’t run to reggae!” but I don’t think they tried–the syncopated rhythm, like in “Three Little Birds” is perfect to run to. Double-time makes it about 150 beats per minute.

  3. trialsoftraining

    Ahh I heart Eminem! He’s definitely my favorite rapper, ha which makes me seem a little crazy sometimes, but a lot of his songs make their way into my workout playlists at some point or another!

    thanks for the other suggestions 🙂

  4. Eminem really motivates when I’m running… esp now that I listen to my Ipod as I do I long runs.

  5. Alexis Milam

    Well the past few days I’ve been rocking out to MJ. Yesterday, “Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough” pulled me out of a slump 🙂 And even songs from the Jackson 5 like ABC & I Want You Back pumped me up!

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