Award tour

As a solid middle-of-the-packer (though one friend recently pointed out that I may now be a front-of-the-milovelyblogawardddle-of-the-packer — moving up in the world!), it’s a really big deal when I win awards, age-group or otherwise.

So it is with glee and gratitude that I accept the Lovely Blog Award from my friend Nicole. If you are a parent, her blog, My Bottle’s Up!, will make you realize you’re not alone. If you’re not a parent, her blog will make you realize that parenting can be really, really funny even as it is fulfilling and affirming and heartbreaking. No matter who you are, her blog will make you want a glass of wine.

The rules behind this, erm, lovely award,  which makes me feel like Michael’s (the craft store, not the boss of The Office post-alfredo carbo-loading) puked on my laptop:

1) Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award, and his or her blog link.

2) Pass the award to other blogs that you’ve newly discovered. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

Behold just a few of my newly discovered blogs.  Read these lovely ladies while sipping a recovery shake after your next long run. You know. When you’re too tired and lazy to even shower.

Read Trials of Training for a nutritionist’s funny and honest training blog. Yes, she includes recipes!

Read Triathlete 4 Life for candid posts about finding, and keeping, one’s motivation while training for IronMan tris and other events.

Read MCM Mama for posts about squeezing running into a life that includes kids and a microbrew-filled social calendar.

Read Jen’s Runnings and Ramblings because she describes her training blog this way: “I eat to satisfy the run. I run to satisfy the hunger.” How cool is that?

Finally, read Between the Miles because its author, Kara, writes that “there is a connection between being outside and running aimlessly for miles that keeps me sane.” Also, because she shares my belief that Bob Marley is actually fabulous running music in a meditative, hustle-and-flow kind of way. 


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6 responses to “Award tour

  1. you rock my socks off… right the hell off!

  2. ps- KILLER blogs that you tagged in this.

    well done my dear. well done.

  3. Wow – ty Amy – added you to my twitter list.
    Another Bob Marley fan : 0

  4. Awww – THANKS for the shout out and thanks for the other cool blog suggestions!

  5. trialsoftraining

    Amyyy, THANK YOU!! 🙂 and yesss – fun new blogs to go check out, I love it!

    and your comment about Michael’s totally cracked me up. I love that store though, can’t lie. 😉 haha

  6. Kara’s “Between the Miles” is great. Really insightful, succinct posts. I follow her on Twitter, too. She doesn’t tweet much, but it’s good stuff.

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