Race day approaches …

I’m ready for the ZOOMA Annapolis 10K on Sunday!logo_annapolis

Oh, who am I kidding? Ready is the last thing I’m feeling. My hip has been tight and sore, my runs have felt slow and I’m still nursing muscle aches from last weekend’s backpacking trip. Even my swim yesterday felt slow and nasty, with my timed 1,650 coming in right at 25 minutes. My mantra for this slow-poke pace: Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. I ditched my intended ladder set afterwards, opting instead for my ultimate comfort set: 200 IMs until I reach 3,000 yards.

But here’s the thing: The all-women’s ZOOMA 10K is about girlie bonding, not about how fast I can run over the big, scary bridge right smack in the middle of the course. I’m running it with my two best friends, Jen and Alexis, and we’ve been ogling pictures of the chi-chi cupcakes and wine promised at the post-race expo for weeks.

And the girlie bonding, I am TOTALLY ready for. I’ve procured ingredients for homemade pizza from the grocery store for our pre-race dinner, and this afternoon, I’m picking up our race packets. I’ve been obsessively checking the weather (mainly sunny, highs in the mid 70s and lows in the upper 50s,zero percent chance of precipitation. Yum!), and have my pre-race Luna bar ready. I even bought my favorite flavor, S’mores, as a treat.

The weather doesn’t look so fabulous for tonight’s Pacers run, but contrary to my usual opinion, I’m thinking it might not be the worst thing in the world if it’s rained out. This tired, sore body might need an off-day before my intended one on Saturday.

Also on the agenda today: Getting over to Falls Church (near the current home of our race packets in Clarendon) to try on and rent a wetsuit for the Bay Bridge Swim. Stay tuned for details, and for more about the trauma that was last year’s wetsuit experience …

By the way, it turns out my hunch about pizza being the perfect pre-race meal is dead-on, at least according to sports dietitian Suzanne Girard Eberle, a former elite runner. Find out why here.


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6 responses to “Race day approaches …

  1. Courtney

    say hi to clarendon for me 🙂 man, i miss that place. wish i was there to pick up the packets for you (and who are we kidding, race with you too!)

    the girl bonding goal is AWESOME. live it up!

  2. i will be thinking of you, my love, and wishing i were joining you for this girlie loveliness.

    aching muscles and hip shit aside, you’ll do fab because you run for wine. 🙂

  3. trialsoftraining

    ahh, I was supposed to run the Zooma with my sis, but she had to go to Spain instead for 6 wks of classes. haha, dangit. It does look like a FUN race though, whether you “race” it or not, you’ll enjoy the day! 🙂

    and pizza is one of my fave pre-race meals! great link – definitely agree with Suzanne!

  4. Good luck tomorrow! This sounds like a great race – I look forward to the race report! I also will be swimming the 1 mile Bay Challenge in a couple weeks – see you there!

    • Thanks, and good luck at the Bay Bridge Swim! If you’ve got any favorite swimming workouts, I’m always (I mean, ALWAYS) looking for new ones to spice things up. 🙂

  5. My worst nightmare about any race — GI issues. Pretty much the only thing that worries me on race day, even on marathon days 🙂

    (By the way, the year-view chart I generated was a plugin through SportTracks, an awesome free running tracking program. It takes GPS data if you have one)


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