I heart the Broad Street Run!

Allow me to gush.

This race was fast, fun, huge but low-key, fast, well-organized, fast — did I mention fast?

Read my full rave review of the race itself here. Here’s how it went for me:

A number of factors beyond our control led us to be standing in line for the portable toilets long after our corral started. I was feeling frazzled and rushed and not ready, and decided I was  just out to have a good time.

Then, I ran 7:30-minute miles the first two miles, a pace I usually have to work for. This, despite weaving around the poor walkers who were unfortunate enough to have Steve and myself plowing through their ranks.

I slowed up a bit, somewhat consciously, through some of the middle miles, then decided to push it again starting shortly after mile 6. In my limited experience with mid-distance races like these, if I care about my time, I sort of have to be in push-it mode the entire time.

Still, I finished in 1:22:12, an average of 8:12-minute miles. This is a great time for me, considering the above. And my super-speedy husband finished in 1:12 — 7:15-minute miles!

The only disappointment came from the fact that the cold, nasty rain — which actually made for nice running weather — kept us from lingering afterwards, and hanging out with Jen and Jim. Soaked and freezing, we all got in our respective cars at the end of the race, cranked the heat, then headed home.

The good news: We’re already planning for next year, when we’ve decided we’re springing for hotel rooms the night before. New race goal: faster than this year. New life goal: finding the best pizza in Philly. Post suggestions below if you’ve got ’em!

No photos yet … I didn’t have my own camera on hand on account of the aforementioned rain and frazzledom.  But I’ll post some as soon as they come in, so check back later this week.

Also stay tuned for what I’m convinced might be the world’s most perfect 10-mile-race playlist. It literally ended as I crossed the finish line, at my favorite race-ending song.

By the way, are you following me on Twitter? If not, check out my profile here. I Tweeted about the race today — it was fun!


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3 responses to “I heart the Broad Street Run!

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  3. shiketyshaq

    I appreciate your thoughts on Philly and the speed of the race. They are both good times. Keep coming back and that was the worst weather I remember for the first weekend of May and the run. Pizza — try Lorenzo’s on South Street for cheese on top or Santucci’s in the Northeast for tomato pie and cheese on bottom. Good luck with the running.

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