Wanted: motivation to swim

Has anyone seen my motivation to swim? I had it just a few weeks ago. I must have put it down, or dropped it on the way to the pool one day, because for the past week or so, I’ve wanted to swim about as much as I’ve wanted to step on a rusty nail.

This is awkward timing for two reasons. First, I’m on doctor’s orders not to run until the weekend, so a desire to swim would be really helpful this week. Second, the  1-mile Bay Bridge Challenge is getting closer by the day, and a desire to train for it would be awfully nice.

I took an off day  yesterday after getting a cortisone shot in my ankle. For once, I actually took the opportunity to chill out, rather than sit around feeling that weird runner’s guilt in which we understand that rest is training, but then again, we don’t. I read a book. I e-mailed. I baked a Cooking Light chicken tamale casserole (tastes way better than it sounds — try it for yourself!).

It seems the lazy has followed me into today, unfortunately.

I’m swimming this afternoon. A date at the pool with Steve is keeping me accountable. If left to my own devices, I might skip. Wish me luck. If you’ve got any amazing, fun, boredom-busting swimming workouts, post them below.


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2 responses to “Wanted: motivation to swim

  1. Need some good swim workouts… I got plenty. Good luck finding that motivation to swim!

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