More yoga for runners

I’m always skeptical when health and fitness magazines pitch “toning” yoga workouts, and this month’s SHAPE magazine feature — Jenny McCarthy’s bikram yoga poses — was no exception.

I gave the five poses she suggests a try this morning, though, and am happy to admit I was wrong. Not only was it legitimately difficult, the moves happen to mimic a lot of the exercises physical therapists recommend for runners to stabilize ankle and hip muscles.

SHAPE mag doesn’t publish its content online. But I put together a sequence called Yoga for Runners on Yoga Journal’s nifty sequence builder that includes McCarthy’s recommended poses, plus a few of my favorite core-builders, like the plank and bridge positions. Give it a try after your next run.

Keep your fingers crossed for decent weather this evening on my behalf — I’m hoping to make tonight’s Pacers run after missing Tuesday.


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2 responses to “More yoga for runners

  1. Courtney

    love the link, but 5 by her and 2 by you = 7, but only 6 poses… did you not like one of hers?

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