iPod battery dead? Here’s a fix.

I reunited with an old friend this week, and it was glorious.

I’m referring, of course, to my first-generation iPod Nano, which I sent to a San Antonio, Texas, company called Milliamp on March 10.The company promises to replace your iPod’s failed battery for $20. All told, I spent about $50, including shipping and other random fees. But that’s a lot better than the $120 I would have spent on a new Nano, which Apple oh-so generously offered a 10 percent discount on if I traded in my old one.

Milliamp’s Web site says that “we typically replace the battery in your iPod on the same day that it is received. In most instances, your repaired iPod is shipped back to you the next business day.”

The Milliamp people e-mailed me saying they’d received my iPod March 13. They sent it back March 20, and it arrived back at my front door on Wednesday, March 25. It’s a little longer than I thought I’d have to wait, but my iPod has new life, as promised. The best part: The battery is guaranteed for 10 years.

I would definitely recommend this as a fix if your own battery dies, especially if your workouts are as music-dependent as mine are.


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4 responses to “iPod battery dead? Here’s a fix.

  1. Courtney

    love that the doc for the iPod worked… now just waiting to hear about your visit to your doc.

  2. The ipod battery can begin exhibiting less charge after approximately 16 months. Although this battery life can be extended through proper maintenance and usage, they will all eventually need replaced. Luckily, there are many great options available via the internet.

  3. These guys are definately the king of ipod repairs and they fixed my ipod battery when it lost the will to live 🙂

    i had to call and get their address since i missed it on my order confirmation (doh!) and they were very friendly and jovial.

    My husbands iphone battery is dying slowely and we will use ipodjuice again for sure.


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