Last pre-race run, more pre-race jitters

Just got back from a quick 25-minute tempo run — my last before the race! It felt awesome to get out and stretch my legs, and I worked in a couple of hills just to remind my body that I can do them.

Next up: the expo tomorrow, which is sure to be exciting. Even though it’s a pain having to trek downtown in the middle of the day, I’m sure getting my timing chip and race number will help me feel like I’m actually doing something to get ready for the race, which at this point, I want to JUST GET HERE ALREADY.

Any tips for coping with pre-race jitters? Post ’em below!


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4 responses to “Last pre-race run, more pre-race jitters

  1. Alexis Milam

    I’ve never run a race before, but I have had jitters… people always tell me before presentations that I should picture everyone naked. Now why would that work? My friend in college used to do shots (of alcohol) before his presentations and tennis matches and that seemed to work really well for him. Although I do not reccommend it for you. Perhaps the shots can come after the race.

    Sorry I couldn’t help. I guess I told you what not to do.

  2. Courtney

    I go with Alexis’s friend… but maybe a shot of coffee instead of alcohol before the race? At least go with something that might have SOME race-conducive, performance-enhancing quality.

    By the way, i never knew that about caffeine as a performance-enhancer until after my first 10-mile race. then I tried it for my second… who knows if it was the coffee (which probably shocked my system and worked extra well since i am not a regular coffee drinker) or the better training, but it felt good… i recommend an espresso shot… not too much liquid. Now, I make it part of my pre-race breakfast ritual.

    Also, I never sleep well the night before the race… EVER– no matter how big or small. So, I really have to count on good sleep for the other nights leading up to the race. I prepare everything… bib pinned to clothes, everything in a pile. Chip attached to shoe. Breakfast components on counter. You’d think that’d help me sleep, but NO WAY!

    (So, do you have opinions on caffeine as a performance enhancer?)

  3. Thanks for the tips, guys! Courtney, I sooo feel ya. I cannot run — or at least race — without caffeine. As my friend Sarah will attest, I had a minor nervous breakdown the night before my first half-marathon when I realized I hadn’t factored in the coffee-or-not decision. I opted for coffee, and now, an espresso shot is part of MY pre-race ritual as well. I am a huge proponent of it as a performance booster! Check out this Runner’s World story, which validates my position AND gives the science behind why chocolate milk makes a good recovery drink.

  4. Jen Ras

    Kinda off topic- kinda on topic question: What do you eat for dinner on pre-race nights? Of course, you’re suppose to load up on carbs. Just curious if you have a “special” meal. I’ve been known to go to the Olive Garden and eat pasta and breadsticks…haven’t seen any big success with that meal….thinking I should try something different. BTW- I’m planning to run a 10k in Newark on April 5th. Don’t be scared, I’ll be in a pretty park full of Cherry Blossoms!

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