The day the music (or at least my iPod) died

I’ve been in denial for a while now.

For months, my trusty iPod has been running out of juice after shorter and shorter periods of time, leaving me alone with the sound of my heavy breathing and plodding footfalls. Yesterday, after charging overnight, it died 30 minutes into a 10-mile run. The time has come to let it go.

The good people at the iPod store tell me these are my options: Trade in my old one for a discounted new Nano for about $126, which is out of my immediate price range; or poke around and try to find a “refurbished” one for around $70. The store, of course, did not have any refurbished Nanos, and did not seem optimistic I’d find one. And of course, replacing the battery would cost more than either option.

Has anyone dealt with the death of an iPod before? If so, suggestions for how to replace it without seriously breaking the bank would be MUCH appreciated.

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