California dreaming

Motivation today came in the form of an e-mail from a rock-star running friend who recently moved to Monterrey, Calif.

“I had to write you and let you know I’ve just had the best run!” my friend Sarah wrote. “I’m back! I’m a runner!”

What’s she back from? Oh, from having two kids, one who was born in October.

It needs to be said that her hiatus from running hasn’t been much of a hiatus. Sarah ran the Nashville Country Music Marathon with me (I use the term “with” loosely — I had miles to go by the time she finished) when Lily, her 3-year-old daughter, was barely walking. She ran a half marathon in Jacksonville while pregnant with Zack on a day so hot, she said she was practically hallucinating. I still use this as motivation during summer races, when I repeat to myself: “Channel Sarah. Run till you hallucinate.” It’s amazingly effective.

Sarah’s loop included a couple of mile repeats on a nearby track and “breathtaking vistas of the Pacific.” That’s not available to most of us, but her playlist, and her rock-star state of mind, are.

“The playlist on my iPod included ‘Stacey’s Mom’ — or ‘Lily’s Mom,’ as I like to sing it. This song give me hope as a mom. It also included ‘So What’ by Pink. I put this song on repeat and probably listened to it 7 or 8 times (not exaggerating). It’s my favorite angry-woman power song: ‘I am a rock star … I’ve got my rock moves …’ “

Sarah’s training for the Santa Cruz half marathon in April. Here’s how she describes it:

“Santa Cruz is a laid back, surfy, college town about 40 minutes from us. In my head, I imagine all the 20-somethings walking around with their perfect Abercrombie bodies and wardrobes. I don’t have huge expectations for this race, as far as a time goes. I’m using it as a starting place to denote my return to running post-baby.”

On my run tomorrow, I intend to picture Sarah speeding past all the cute little Abercrombie-clad freshmen on her race toward feeling like her pre-baby self. I suggest anyone who’s ever rebounded from anything do the same.


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4 responses to “California dreaming

  1. Jennifer

    Well I have got to get back on the wagon again. I ran 6 miles on the treadmill over 2 weeks ago (i know it’s just not cool to run long distances indoors, but i did). Anyway, I got sick shortly after and have not done a think since. 20 minutes with the wii fit does not count. I’ve been tricking myself into thinking that I can’t run because I have this lingering aweful cough and still need to “rest”. How long do you usually take off after being sick? My 2nd question is- what do you wear when running outside? I always think it’s too cold and I’ll have trouble breathing. I think i’m wrong.

  2. nic

    I LOVE IT!!! and i love both of you wonderful ladies. 🙂 oh how i miss our family.

  3. Jim Ellis

    Now I’m going to have “So What” in my head the rest of the day. 🙂

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