Motivation Monday: The ‘make the rules’ edition

The No. 1 thing motivating me this week is this guy:

Photo credit:

Who is he, and why do I care? He’s King Neptune, and his job is to guard the Virginia Beach waterfront and terrify small children who visit its boardwalk. I care because it’s the start and finish for the Allen Stone Run-Swim-Run on July 21, and when I did a trial run (actually, a trial run-swim-run) of the course yesterday, his hulking mass and stern expression spurred me to go just a little faster than I thought I could.

I ended up completing the 1K beach run in about six minutes, and the 1K swim in about 24 minutes, though I lost quite a bit of time toward the end of the swim stopping to tread water and look for King Neptune. I finished the 5K on the boardwalk in 27 minutes, despite 100-plus degree heat. I nursed a migraine the rest of the day, thanks to such a stupid level of effort in such absurdly high temperatures, but it was totally worth it.

One time I wasn’t pleased with: My transition. More about that on Wednesday.

What else is motivating me this week? We’ve all seen this incredible video by now, right? Yes? Well, don’t you want to watch it again? No? You’re welcome, because this should take care of your motivation for the rest of the week, at least.

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  1. love this commercial 🙂

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