Motivation Monday: gear-geek week

When running is at its best, it’s simple: gadget-free, worry-free, as easy as walking out your front door and, well, starting to run.

When the going gets tough, though, I know I’m not the only runner to rely on a bevy of fun gadgets, cute gear or other Stuff to get me going, or on some post-run treats to reward myself once I’m done. This week, I’ll be sharing daily reviews of some of my favorite go-to gadgets—and some new ones I’ve tried recently. I’ll include full review of KT Tape and Pearl Izumi syncroFuel XC trail runners (new), and C9 by Champion Seamless Sports Bra and the Garmin 305 (tried and true).

In the spirit of Motivation Monday, I’m kicking off the week by sharing a short list of some of the all-time favorite things that help support my running. Disclaimer: Amy’s Training Blog does not accept freebies of any kind in connection with this blog. Any gear provided by merchandisers is returned. No matter how much Amy wants to keep it.

Balega socks: The material feels softer than cotton and holds up over time. The protective heel tab in the back ensures my running shoes never eat my feet alive during long runs. I own a few pairs of them, and love them so much, my inability to find a clean pair is a failsafe motivation for me to do laundry.

My running apparel, shown here laid out the night before a race, always includes Balega socks.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 10 shoes: I had my doubts about the newest model of my beloved Brooks Adrenalines. But once I heard the shoes run small and tried a half-size larger, it was love at first run all over again. These are especially great shoes for women with narrow feet, or runners with orthotics, which seem to slide seamlessly into the shoes.

Redken Smooth Down Butter Treat: I’ve written previously about my hair’s propensity to gnarl into a ponytail-fro at the slightest sign of humidity on long runs. This conditioner, recommended by a fellow marathoner, is the only product that comes close to desnarling the nest.

Odwalla Protein Monster: I prefer to come home and make my own protein shake recipe after long runs and grueling speed workouts. But when I’m far from my kitchen, I rely on the Vanilla-flavored Odwalla Protein Monster to help me refuel. It’s got 33 grams of protein and 27 grams of carbs for only 220 calories, and tastes like a vanilla milkshake.

Which piece of running gear could you not live without?


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6 responses to “Motivation Monday: gear-geek week

  1. Thanks for the great reviews! I def. want to try the Odwalla; 33 grams of protein in 220 calories is *really* impressive for a protein shake. Especially if it’s yummy 🙂

    Have a great week!

  2. I could not live without my shuffle!! And lately I’m in love with the pair of Features socks I picked up somewhere and the 4 tech tees I’m cycling through my runs.

    • Know what’s funny? I consider my iPod nano such an integral part of my running gear, I didn’t even think to list it. Like it’s part of my skin or something. I’m a fan of the Feetures! socks, too—got some for free at last year’s Earth Day 5K, and they’re a close second to my Balegas!

  3. ultrarunnergirl

    cool! looking forward to the reviews!

  4. Kaveh

    I love the theme this week. The one thing that’s becoming integral is my iPhone and, in particular, the Runmeter app. It’s got great gps tracking, realtime pace calculations, and best of all (for us nerds), it let’s you export the data. Oddly enough, while I carry it around, I never listen to music on the iPhone.

  5. Heather C

    I have the heel-tab on my shoes too! I can’t buy socks without them, they always *fail*. 🙂

    Loving the theme – I can “live” without all of my running gadgets, but I LOVE love love having my Garmin. Yes, I do runs without it, and it reminds me that yes, running can be simple and enjoyable. But, I prefer to have my friend, G, with me at all times. 😉

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