Go, 1176! and other good omens

Everyone likes a good omen. Even the least superstitious athletes search for rabbitsfootsigns of a lucky race day in the smallest things: The right flavor of energy gel at the aid station, a half-marathon split time that kind of looks like your birthday.

So you can understand my excitement when I got my wave and bib assignments for the Great Chesapeake Bay Swim One-Mile Bay Challenge Sunday: I am in the second wave, just like last year, and I am bib No. 1176 … just like last year! I can’t help but think my neon-orange cap will give me some luck, like maybe the waves and currents will recognize my number from last year and get out of my way.

The race starts at 10 a.m., when weather in Stevensville, Md., is 68 degrees, with only a 10 percent chance of rain. After a few rainy races in a row, I feel like I deserve some sun this time — and a current that goes my way, if possible.

In other lucky news: A change in health insurance led to me seeing a new primary care doc to get a referral to my running doc. I was worried the doc would balk at my very specific request, but with a name like Suzanne Goucher (my middle name, Kara Goucher’s last name … SO lucky!), I shouldn’t have been. I’m 99 percent sure I can see Dr. Pereles about my hip, not some non-running stranger.

Finally, in other-other news: I’m considering another open-water swim! Might reconsider after Sunday, but right now, the Daiquiri Deck Tropical Splash Oct. 3 in Sarasota, Fla., looks mighty good. There’s a 1K, 3K and 5K, and I’m thinking about the 5K. A quick peek at the Daiquiri Deck’s Web site reveals that the bar is also host to Spy Vs. Spy, my parents’ favorite reggae band. Coincidence? OK, maybe, but it’s a neat coincidence nonetheless.

Do you look for signs of good luck before a race? Any good luck charms or superstitious pre-race habits? Share ’em by posting a comment!


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5 responses to “Go, 1176! and other good omens

  1. Ron

    The same number is interesting, I’ve never heard of anyone getting the same number before. Once I came very close to my place in a race matching my number (THAT would have been cool).

    A 5K swim? I dread the 1.2 miler for the IM70.3. All I can say is don’t drink the sea water (I did and thought I was going to die).

    Best of luck with the event and I look forward to reading about it!

    All the best.

  2. i always wear my timing chip on my right shoe, and i have a lucky green visor 🙂

  3. trialsoftraining

    Ha, I never have before, but I’m sure it doesn’t hurt!! That is pretty crazy to have the same race# – love it. 🙂 have funnn! can’t wait to hear about it!

  4. how random to get the same number two years in a row!

    i can’t run without my “racing hat” and particular pair of shoes. (don’t know what i will do when they discontinue the shoes!)

    good luck in the swim!

  5. Alexis Milam

    With a name like the Daiquiri Deck Tropical Splash, I think you NEED to sign up for that swim race…do they reward you with free daiquiris afterwards!

    Pretty cool about the same bib #, and its kind of eery too.

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