I had the strangest dream last night

We’ve all had work dreams suggesting we’re stressed about our jobs,  school

Salvador Dali must've had some messed-up dreams, too.

Salvador Dali must've had some messed-up dreams, too.

dreams in which we’re stuck in a final exam we didn’t study for and dentist dreams in which all our teeth fall out (OK, maybe the last one is just me. Don’t judge.).

For the first time last night, I had a road-race dream.

It was the GW Parkway Classic Ten Miler, which I actually ran last weekend. But in typical dream-like fashion, there were about 10 other runners, and it took place on the trail a few yards from my childhood home in New Jersey, not in Alexandria. I don’t remember much about this part of the dream, only that I was annoyed by the lack of mile markers, and that while it was supposed to be a straight, simple course, I managed to get lost, anyway.

Eventually, I came upon a medical tent. Inside, I found my Pacers friend Michelle, who was in there with some undefined medical problem, and was watching some sort of instructional video. I stayed with her a few minutes … then bolted. Michelle: Never run a race with me, as I will likely leave you in your moment of need.

I then came upon my car on a riverbank. The car in question is my beloved VW Cabrio convertible, which I totaled in a bad accident a few years ago. As any smart runner would, I picked it up — with one hand, mind you — and carried it to the finish line.

I saw my mom at the finish line, and got in her 1992 Chrysler LeBaron convertible (she’s had two cars since then; heck, the LeBaron was recycled as my first car, and I’ve had two cars since then). I asked calmly what my time was for the 10-mile race.

“3:25,” she said. “You broke the record.”

Well, there you go. Always nice to break the course record running a time so slow, it would actually be hard to maintain walking.

Funny thing is, I haven’t felt particularly jittery about the Broad Street Run this weekend. My guess is that, like any dream, this is a combination of conscious thoughts floating around in my subconscious: I’m writing a story about Mayor Adrian Fenty, who just ran a 3:25 at the National Marathon. I’m running the race this weekend with my childhood best friend, Jen, who has ridden in the LeBaron and run on the trail near my old house. Not really sure where the rest came from, but that’s what makes dreams fun, right?

Have you ever had a running dream, or am I the only weirdo here? Wait. Don’t answer that. But if you’ve had a running dream, share it by posting a comment below.

In other news, have you checked my Examiner page today? I posted the race review of the National Half Marathon I just filled out for the race organizers. It occurred to me that it would make a great long run, too, so check it out when you get a chance!


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3 responses to “I had the strangest dream last night

  1. Courtney

    hillarious… i love how it was so vivid. so ironic. I actually was AT the Dali museum in Figueres today— even the building made you feel like you were trapped in a time warp not-so-good dream!

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